Learn Chinese with Anna

Anna teaches both Mandarin and Cantonese

Chinese language course - for french or english speaking - Switzerland
Cantonese for chinese speaking

你的老师 (Nǐ de lǎoshī) 

Anna your Chinese teacher

It is always good to start with Mandarin, but if you already have q.q. knowledge and want to go to Hong Kong or Guangzhou, I can also teach you Cantonese

You will learn to master Mandarin, in its oral form and phonetic writing, using Pinyin.

Experienced since more than 7 years in the field of Chinese language in China and Switzerland, I propose a methodology adapted to each student, whatever his level.

Anna teaches you by Webcam at the agreed time, no need to move, usually via Skype. The price of one hour of course is set at CHF 30.-. Also course in company, course for reception staff

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How to contact us : e-mail (see footer) or phone 027 776 50 07